Newfoundland's Bonavista Peninsula - Robert Williams Photography

The Bonavista Peninsula has a long history, going back to the landing of John Cabot in the current town of Bonavista in 1497. It has a rich heritage in the fishing industry in the many coves along it's shores, and the coastline is strikingly beautiful.

Photographs may be purchased using the Add To Cart button on the right-hand side.  These prints are made by Bay Photo, a professional lab in California.  Photographs can be made on GiclĂ©e Watercolor paper, Canvas and Metallic surfaces, as well as Kodak Endura paper.

Photographs may also be purchased directly from the photographer by sending email to

Prints up to 12" x 18" are made using Ilford Gold Fibre Silk paper or Epson Primium Luster paper. Both are archival-quality papers with a beautiful luster surface. Prices range from $100.00 for an 8"x12" print, to $150.00 for a 12"x18" print.

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Red Cliff

Red Cliff is a small harbour on the Bonavista Peninsula, south-west of Bonavista, sitting between Open Hall and Tickle Cove. It was one of the filming locations for the movie "The Great Seduction".