Black and White - Robert Williams Photography

I started out with Black-and-White in high school, processing my own film and making prints in a make-shift darkroom.  Later I switched to colour for nature photographs, but I have recently started to do more B&W thanks to my new Fuji X-T2.  Thanks to the electronic viewfinder, I can photograph B&W while seeing the image in the viewfinder in B&W.  It's a huge improvement, and I plan to continue to work with B&W in the future.


Photographs may be purchased using the Buy Photos button on the right-hand side.  These prints are made by Bay Photo, a professional lab in California.  Photographs can be made on GiclĂ©e Watercolor paper, Canvas and Metallic surfaces, as well as Kodak Endura paper.

Photographs may also be purchased directly from the photographer by sending email to

Prints up to 12" x 18" are  made using Ilford Gold Fibre Silk paper or Epson Primium Luster paper. Both are archival-quality papers with a beautiful luster surface.  Prices range from $75.00 for an 8"x12" print, to $125.00 for a 12"x18" print.

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